Taught in collaboration with Dawn Sandalcidi, PT, RCMT, BCB-PMD

•What’s New with M.O.P.: The Multi-M.O.P. Protocol, the Slow Enema Taper, and Other Updated Guidance

•Advanced X-Ray Evaluation: Why Images are Misinterpreted

•Current Understanding of the Physiology of Accidents

•Instructive Case Studies

•Q&A: Enemas, Laxatives, and More


•Shame, Blame, and Frustration: How Enuresis and Encopresis Affect Family Dynamics 

Course Description

This 5-hour course is for any health professional seeking to help patients resolve enuresis, encopresis, and chronic constipation more quickly, effectively, and permanently.

Steve Hodges, M.D. continually reevaluates his treatment approach and refines the Modified O’Regan Protocol based on his research and clinical experience. He is excited to share his latest insights and updates — guidance that has significantly increased Dr. Hodges’ success with the most challenging cases and will be invaluable to practitioners.

Traditionally, enuresis and encopresis have been treated with oral laxatives, dietary measures, behavioral incentives, and bladder medication. Or, children are told, “Don’t worry, you’ll outgrow it.” Dr. Hodges’ experience and research demonstrates that M.O.P., an enema-based regimen, is far more effective, entirely safe, and well tolerated, even welcomed, by children.

Taught in collaboration with Dawn Sandalcidi, PT, RCMT, BCB-PMD, this course covers the different variations of M.O.P., including the highly effective new Multi-M.O.P. protocol; the role of osmotic and stimulant laxatives; the nuances of evaluating x-rays for constipation; cases in which bladder Botox or medication are warranted, and much more.

In addition, Dr. Hodges will be joined for one hour by Colorado psychologist Amanda Arthur-Stanley, Ph.D. Well-versed in M.O.P. and the family conflict that often stems from enuresis/encopresis, Dr. Arthur-Stanley will discuss how health professionals can support children and parents through the treatment process.

What is M.O.P.?

The Modified O’Regan Protocol (M.O.P.) is named for Dr. Sean O’Regan, the pediatric nephrologist who pioneered the regimen in the 1980s and published several studies demonstrating its effectiveness. Dr. Hodges has guided over 10,000 families through M.O.P. and has developed several variations of the regimen.

Dr. Hodges’ latest guidance will be covered in The M.O.P. Anthology 5th Edition, to be published in spring 2023 and written for parents. Prior to the course, participants will receive a .pdf of the book.

Many parents feel more comfortable implementing the regimen with guidance from a health professional. This course will enable professionals to offer that guidance with confidence.

Course objectives:

In this Level 2 course, Dr. Hodges will bring health professionals up to speed on the latest M.O.P. guidelines and recommendations. As a big bonus, psychologist Dr. Amanda Arthur-Stanley will discuss how enuresis and encopresis affect family dynamics.

This 5-hour course is aimed at pediatricians, family physicians, pelvic floor therapists, nurse practitioners, continence nurses, and others seeking to guide families through treatment of enuresis, encopresis, and/or chronic constipation.

Among the Topics Covered:

• Multi-M.O.P.: The most aggressive, successful regimen

• Preventing relapse with a slower enema and taper and increased use of stimulant laxatives

• Evaluating KUB x-rays with accuracy

• Autism and accidents: diagnostic and treatment insights

• A report on bladder Botox

• Getting patients off the Miralax “Merry Go-Round”


Steve Hodges, M.D., is an associate professor of pediatric urology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, author of numerous published studies, and coauthor of eight books for parents and children. His website is

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Amanda Arthur-Stanley, Ph.D., is a Colorado psychologist who specializes in working with children on chronic constipation, encopresis, enuresis, and anxiety. She is licensed to practice telehealth in PSYPACT participating states. Her website is

Course preparation: Prior to the course, participants will receive a .pdf of Dr. Hodges’ latest book The M.O.P. Anthology 5th Edition, to be published in spring 2023 and written for parents.

Participants can download the .pdf upon enrolling, along with other materials and the Zoom link within 2 weeks of the Course.


Live ZOOM Saturday April 22nd, 11 AM Eastern Daylight Time!


•What’s New with M.O.P.: Updated Guidelines and Options: 90 minutes

•Advanced X-Ray Evaluation: 30 minutes

•Current Understanding of the Physiology of Accidents: 45 minutes

•Instructive Case Studies: 30 minutes

•Q&A: 45 minutes



•Shame, Blame, and Frustration: How Enuresis and Encopresis Affect Family Dynamics: 1 hour

Can't attend the Live Zoom class? The lectures and course materials will be available online for 1 year